Good Morning people! Assalamualaikum. First of all, Thank Allah, i'm still alive! I'm very sorry for all mistakes i've done. Too much mistake. Btw today is Syamil's new life. spm is less than 7 months, so this time no more playing around. And i'll always support and help him no matter what, InsyaAllah he'll success with flying colours. Dear Syamil, please study hard. Don't forget to pray cuz Allah always by your side. This is for your own good, stop playing around or one day you'll regret. I'll always be there for you, don't worry. Lot's of love, Mira.
Hi today banyak wedding. First dkt UIA and then pegi rumah syamil :) Hmm ofc excited i miss him so much okay. He looks very handsome :* bt yang peliknyaaa, he post something weird dkt twitter. hmmm idk, and now he didnt reply my whatsapp and viber. Anggp dia dah tido je sbb penat. Kalau fikir dia buat benda lain mesti lagi sakit hati kn. hmm.
Today 19th April 2013, We finally luahkan apa yang terbuku di hati haha. Lately ni, we always together and suddenly we realize we still love each other, we still need each other. But let Allah decide everything.
Hi blogger! Straight to the point, I REALLY MISS HIM. Yesterday, a day to remember after 8 months break up. The feelings suddenly rasa balik. Ya Allah, please stop this feelings. I don't want this feelings, i hate this feelings. Please please please, i'm beg. I shouldn't miss him, i shouldn't love him. We're friend! Hm please heart don't hurt yourself again, enough for a year you being hurt. Ya Allah you're my one and onlu. You is enough Allah, Please stop this feelings.
"We born to be together" - him.
I miss the old you. Who don't talk to girls. Don't smoke. Love me for who I am. Always with me. Always give me spirit. Don't care about another girl. No need other girls. Always miss me. Why now? Why? Its hard to forgot about our memories.
Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah finally I'm home. Just now Sarip, Shira, DIba and I went to British Council and English class at Ferenheit. After that we went to Publika for having our lunch. I ate beef wraps, super duper big and yummy! And then balik and Alhamdulillah sempat balik before Asar, Yeay me. Alhamdulillah today I can control myself from doing stupid things like I usually do. Alhamdulillah everything's fine. Alhamdulillah for everything's I have.